Clio’s Story, the inspiration

“Where Clio come from?” That was the first time my 2 year old daughter, Clio DaHyun Axilrod asked about her birth story. We would have many more challenging conversations during her short life. “I’m going to wash your arm until it’s the same color as mine.” “What is my tummy mom’s name?” Adopted at 4 ½ months from Korea, Clio would look through picture books of Korea searching for her own picture. I dyed my hair darker so our hair would be closer in color. Clio enjoyed school but never wanted me to leave. She clung tightly to me at bedtime.

Dealing with the trauma of early separation was a major part of Clio’s life journey. And this journey continues in one way or another, for huge numbers of adopted children who almost all ask themselves: Who am I, where did I come from and why is my birth story different? More >