Founding Donors


Rizwan Achter and Shamaila Siddiqi

Joanne Ahola, MD

Mary R. Ambrecht

American Society of Hypertension

Jon Anderson

Paula Arthus

Kathy and Steve Axilrod

The Richard Axilrod Family

Peter Axilrod and Sandra Kuhach



Deborah and Barrett Baebler

Natasha Baebler

Heidi-Lynne and Jason Balasch

Emily Baller and Bill Markstein

Joan Banes

Michael Barla

Christine Batchelor

David and Gail Bell

James and Margaret Bernstein

Ann and Joel Berson

Danielle Billera and Shimon Bokovza

Bilotta Kitchens

Michael Bodson

Birlie and Christine Bourgeois

Wendy and Joel Brest

Dr. Mary Bridge

Heleen Brody and Jeffrey Lang

Timothy Buckley


Michael and Margaret Cahill

Robin Caiola and Kevin Sheekey

Fred Carama

Christopher and Noreen Childs

Tom Chiu

David Cho

Eun Kyeong Cho

Joan Choy

Daniel Cohen

John and Annette Colangelo

Judith K. Coleman

Marisol Collazo

Ed Colon

Nick Conte

Dave and Susan Cosgrove

Leslie Crossley


Constance and Yves De Balmann Foundation

Nancy and Frank De Maria

Macrina DiGregorio

John J. DiMeglio

Michael Dirzulaitis and Janice Gabrilove

Donald Donahue

Mille Douer

Tatiana and Sion Douer

Henry and Marie Dutkiewicz


Debra Ellenoff and David Lang

Gisele and Ted Everett


Daniel Faryniarz

The Feigin Family

Chris Ferreri

Ryan Fletemeyer and Erin McGrain

Alice and Lawrence Friedland

Kira Friesen-Sage

The Fuertes Family


Jonathan Galletta

Rob and Mary Ellen Gambardella

Gina S. Ghent

Gary F. Goldring

DelRene Goldsmith

Jeffrey Gooch

Kevin and Amy Gould

Micah Green

Robert Green

Marni Gutkin

Scott Gutterson


Darryll Hendricks

Ben Hildner

Emily and Tim Hildner

Michael Hildner

William Hodash

Robert Horowitz



Curtis Jackson

LaToya Jackson


Keith Kanaga

Daniel and Michal Katcher

Laura and Raj Keswani

Chong-Duc Kim and Wan Young Choi

Ryu-Kyung Kim and Ehab Ghali

Wonjung Kim

Patrick Kirby

Klamp & Associates

Tovah Klein

Laura Koch

Margaret and Rich Koch

Robert Kolpin

Lawrence and Roberta Krakoff

Joe and Raye Kuhach

Sophia Kuhach

Sophie Kuhach

Matthew Kulkin


Anthony and Cynthia Lamport

Andy and Marla Lance

Chloe Lance

Kayla Lance

Lili Lance

Jean and John Laragh

Gerard Larocca

Jessica Lawrence

Nancy R. Leavitt

Barbara Lee

Rose Li

Joel Lilienkamp

Ricarda Linder and Jan-Willem van den Dorpel

Sonia and Thomas LoBue

Luntz Family Founation


Katie and Steve Mandel

Annette and Chris Marblo

Michelle and Richard McGivern

Keith McGough

Ruth Anne McKeown

Ian McLelland and Grainne O’Keefe

James McLoughlin

Alice and Jeff McSorley

Mike and Kathy McSorley

Cynthia Millman

Mimi Ferzt Gallery

Jacqueline Monfort

Jan Mooney

Philip and Olivia Mougis

Leslie and Curt Myers


Judith Nasatir

Jean-Ann Naysmith and Robert Rooney

Hal and Babette Negbaur

Richard Nesson and Barbara Lucas

Jane Norris


Ann Bergin O’Leary

Dennis O’Leary


Vivek and Sarita Pabby

Lara and Vicken Pamoukian

Roxanne Palin

Robin Perlen

Andrew Pelmoter

Shirley Pelmoter

Ellen and David Phillips

Robert Pickel

PMS Graphics

Sammantha and Gordon Pogue

Anthony Pontannese

Cathy Popkin and Rajan Menon

Hal Poster and Susan Miller

The Pryor Family

Paul Puskuldjian


Bill and MJ Quan

Dana and Steven Querido


Elaine and Gregg Rapaport

The Reisler Family

Robert and Marie Ribner

Michael Richter

Mark and Marybeth Rogers

Judy Rubin

Andrew Ruvkun

Carolyn Ruvkun

Rick and Julie Ruvkun

The Ryan Family


Felicia and Jeffrey Saferstein

Mara J. Safra

Jason Sanders

Andrew Sarewitz

The Scalaro Family

Sandra and David Selesnick

Agnes Shapiro

Celeste and Eraj Shirvani

Hallie and Evan Sinclair

John Sorensen

Mikki Fanning-Sparks and Wade Sparks

Susan Sperber

Jamie Sporn

Loretta Stack

Lorraine and Victor Stagnitta

Jeff Stammen

Bruce Stanberry

Antonia Stang and Michael Lee Hing

Gillespie Stedding and Daniel Wadsworth

Barbara and Sheridan Steele

Beverly Steinman

Marc Stern and Kimberly Yellin

John and Tina Straley


Larry Thompson

The Town School

Lianne Tysowski


Vivian Ubell, L.C.S.W.


Kelsen Vallee

Tom Vecchio

Edwin and Janice Veith

Bobby Vijay

Anke and Paul Volcker


Jodi Wechsler-Becker

The Wechslers

Sydelle and Andy Weinberger

Jona Diana Weiss, MD

Lisa Witt

Denise and David Wohabe

The Woods Family



Chise Yamamoto


In Memory of Pawps Kuhach

In Memory of Laura N. Schubert