Camp Clio, a seriously fun place for adopted kids

Many adopted children have wonderful experiences at heritage camps, where they learn about their cultures of origin. But simply learning about their cultures does not equip them to answer questions like “Who is your real mom? Why did she give you away?” Adopted children need a comfortable, non-judgmental place to try to understand their birth story as they come of age – to realize others share these same issues and they are not alone. Camp Clio provides that opportunity in a fun, old-fashioned camp setting with other adopted children and adopted camp counselors who serve as role models. Camp Clio campers and counselors share their adoption stories during cabin time and weekly informal picnic lunch discussions led by Spence-Chapin’s Modern Family Center*. Camp Clio 2016, July 3-23, will be our 5th year. Camp Clio is held at ACA accredited Camp Claire** in Lyme, CT.

Why a camp for Adopted Children?

Why Adopted Counselors?

What’s Special About Camp Clio?