Camp Clio, a seriously fun place for adopted kids and teens

Camp Clio 2023   Join us July 23- August 5 at YMCA’s Camp Jewell in Colebrook, CT. Registration is now open!

“Why was my family created differently?” Adopted children, whether adopted internationally, domestically, or through foster care, share this same basic question. Though each child’s story is different, many of them face questions like “Who is your real mom? Why did she give you away?” Adopted children need a comfortable, non-judgmental place to try to understand their birth story – to realize others share these same issues and that they are not alone. Camp Clio provides this opportunity in a fun, old-fashioned camp setting with other adopted children and adopted counselors who share their cabins and act as role models. Camp Clio is for adopted children ages 9 – 14.

Since 2012 adopted boys and girls have made friends, had fun and flourished in our unique program. Camp Clio is proud to collaborate with the YMCA’s Camp Jewell in Colebrook, CT, where we have our own “Village” – Clio Village.

Why a camp for Adopted Children?

Why Adopted Counselors?

What’s Special About Camp Clio?